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American's War on Terorism

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Michel Chossudovsky

“Material this provocative and well researched must not be ignored.” Scott Loughrey, The Baltimore Chronicle “Chossudovsky’s book presents its readers with a harsh reality: terrorism is a tool used to maintain and expand the growth of corporate capitalism, led by the U.S. dollar and backed by U.S. military might. His book is one of those ‘connect-the-dots’ works that should be required reading, especially for media-misled, history-starved Americans.” Kellia Ramares, Online Journal “Canadian professor of economics Michel Chossudovsky contains that rare gift of a writer who can compile massive documentary evidence, then propound it in a succinct, lucid manner. His book cuts through the morass of Bush verbiage, daring readers to examine the pure, unvarnished truth of a nation using its military and intelligence capabilities to control the global oil market on the pretext of making the world a safer place.” William Hare, Amazon.com “Chossudovsky has written an alarming book that ought to serve as a wakeup call for every citizen of the world. In a very straightforward manner, Chossudovsky uncovers the truth behind America’s covert intelligence operations, international economic interests, and goals of US foreign policy.” Anthony Lafratta, Chapters-Indigo.


America’s “War on Terrorism”

Second Edition


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