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One year after - Virgil Jordan

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Anyone who considers the condition of this country
and the world today, a year after the war was ended
or suspended in Europe, and looks with open and
honest eye down the road ahead, may well find these moving
lines of Ralph Chaplin's coming to his mind:

Pity the strong and pity the weak
Pity the arrogant, pity the meek
Pity the master and pity the drudge
Pity the prisoner and pity the judge
Pity the slayer and pity the slain
One is their destiny, one is their pain
Pity the greedy who thrive on despair
And pity a public too callous to care
Pity the rich and pity the poor
Pity the illness and pity the cure
Curse if you must and love if you can
But pity the terrible fortune of Man
Pity the great and pity the small
Pity them, pity them, pity them all.

It may be hard for some of us to remember that a year ago
the bloody struggle on Okinawa still continued in the tropic
night, that the atomic bomb and the Pandora's box of trouble
it opened upon the world was still to fall on Hiroshima, that
the Conference of the United Nations at San Francisco was
assembling to write the charter of eternal peace. Today it is
hard for anyone to forget the want, waste and woe, and the
wreckage of the world's hope of reconstruction, reconversion
and peace that have come with the ruthless struggle for power
and plunder abroad and at home which has followed the end
of the war only a few months ago. And it will be harder, I
feel sure, two weeks from now, to forget the sacrifice of those
million American sons and brothers who fell or suffered for
something other than all this on the battlefields of that war.

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